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Dinner Menu - Halal

If you have any special dietary requirements please inform your waiter. All our Lamb is 100% prime certified Irish. All our dishes are dairy free, except for our filo pastry dishes and our desserts. All our food is mild and please ask your server for harissa if you like it more spicy.

Min one main course to be ordered per person when bringing your own wine.

Unlimited filtered water still /sparkling only €1.50pp (will be added for 5 people or more).

Harira Soup

with lentils, chickpeas, vermicelli and coriander.

Selection of Moroccan Dips

served with pita.


grilled aubergine pate, Moroccan vinegar, garlic & pimenton*.

Grilled Mince Kofta Kebab

Coriander , Chili, sumac served with yogurt dip.

Pan Fried Chicken Liver

paprika, thyme and lemon*.

Saffron Marinated Chicken Kebab

& harissa dip*.

Fried Spinach

preserved lemon, green olives & spices*.

Pan Sautéed King Prawns

Red peppers , garlic & cumin chermoula marinade*.

Five Spice Marinated Chicken Wings


Pastela, Filo Pastry

stuffed with quail, chicken, almonds muhammara, saffron & cinnamon.


Chickpea puree with tahina sauce (sesame seed paste), lemon juice and olive oil.

Shared Platter (min 4 people)

A mix of different mezze style appetizers, Per person.

Roast Betroot

Marinated lentils, goat’s cheese and tahini dressin*.

Tomatoes, Pickled Cucumber, Red Pepper

feta cheese & olive oil*.

Chicken Breast

caramelized onions, turmeric, raisin, cardamom & sesame seeds.

Couscous Royal with Lamb

chicken, merguez sausages and vegetables.

Merguez Sausages

scallions, parsley and harissa.

Seafood Couscous

coriander pesto, Pepers & spring onions.

Seasonal Vegetable Tagine

with preserved lemon.

Sweet Potatoes

Marinated carrot, caramelised onions & cinnamon, chickpeas.

Cauliflower Roasted in Red Chermoula

ras-el-hanout and harissa served with herb infused Couscous.

Vegetarian Couscous

moist semolina topped with freshly roasted vegetables.

Hake Fish Fillet

marinade, spring onions, tomatoes & red peppers*.

Chicken Supreme

Saffron caramelized pears & Roasted almonds.

Braised Chicken Fillet

preserved lemon, Moorish olives, saffron & potatoes.

Lamb Tagine

marinated roasted carrots, peas & ras elhanout.

Beef Spicy Kofta Meatballs

tomato sauce, Coriander & topped with a egg.

Lamb Tagine

Apricot, walnut, and cinnamon.

(We only use spring Lamb and All our meat is 100% prime Irish certified)

Baked Monk Fish

saffron, dates, walnuts & caramelised onions (12th century Moorish recipe)*.

7-Hour Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder

with Ras el Hanout 12 spices & veg*.

Pastela, Filo Pastry

stuffed with quail, chicken, almonds muhammara, saffron & cinnamon.

Oven-Baked Lamb Shank

prunes, Almonds, saffron & sweet potatoes*.

Our Mixed Grill

, Kofta, Chicken skewer, mergez sausages & wings served with saffron rice & harissa*.


Couscous with Olive Oil*

Spicy Potatoes Hara*

Homemade Chips*

Marinated Olives*

Mixed Green Leaves*

Roasted Vegetables*

Hot Chickpeas*


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